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The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword
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The writing journal of devils_devotion, mirimea, hopechan, and stickmarionette. Yes, that's a lot of assholes to be sharing a single ficblog, but we're SLOW assholes, so between the four of us you should get enough fiction for an entire normal writer. Feel free to watch this community, to read and to comment if you so wish. (It's appreciated, even.) Fics are stored in the memories section.

Cool graphics and better user info to come. Someday. Perhaps. (HAHAHAHAH, THAT'S A GOOD ONE, MAAYA! ♥, Demi.)


Slowest Asshole: Stick Marionette

Fandoms: FMA, HP, and House.
Pairings: Follows the plotbunnies. Slash, het, gen - it doesn't really matter. Simply tries to write a good story.
No, what do you actually write?
Alright, alright. Most of my FMA fics are Ed or Roy centric. The HP fic tends towards either Harry or Tom Riddle. House MD fic would probably be House, Wilson or Cuddy centric. My fic archive is here.
Genres: Likes plot and angst. Fails completely at fluff.

If you're actually interested, my livejournal userinfo has more on me as a person. I think it's enough for me to say a few things and leave the rest of the space to the other three writers.

1) I like feedback of all kinds. Got constructive criticism? I'd love to hear it. Just want to tell me you read it? Please do. Sudden urge to flame? Well, okay...but be prepared for an argument.

2) As it says above, I am probably the slowest writer here, and that's saying something. (I tease because I love, guys, don't kill me) Conjoint law degrees do take a bit of work. Please be patient and bear with me.

3) Don't bash a pairing or a character on one of my posts. Just don't - trust me, it'll be better for all of us.

That's all for now - over to the others!

Perviest Asshole: Devil's Devotion (aka "Demidevi" or several other fuckwitted variations thereof)

Fandoms: VIDEO GAMES. I used to write a whole shitload for the Fullmetal Alchemist fandom, but my love of both the fandom AND the show is starting to dry up quite a bit, so don't expect too much FMA from me anymore. Now affirming my love for the brilliant Shin Megami Tensei video games series, as well as OMFG XENOGEARS because holy shit I love Xenogears. And the fic potential for it is high, and all is well with the world.
Pairings: Mrrrrrrr...I used to write a bit of stuff for FMA, and all of it was slashy 'cept for the random Roy/Winry fic (LE BBQ?!), but now that I've started to move into other areas....... Heat/Serph. Or more accurately, Serph/Heat since SERPH IS TEH SEME AND THERE IS NOTHING ANYONE CAN DO ABOUT IT. On the Xenogears end, since I love fantastically fucked up father/father-figure relationships, Jessie/Billy. (Putting the phrase "Jessie Cannon" into a whole new light, of course.) I still write het and gen for the Final Fantasies, and you'll have to beat me very hard to get me to slash them, just because I don't see it happening that way.
Genres: PORN. ANGST. Those were my FMA trademarks, and though I've migrated fandoms quite a bit, that still hasn't changed. Warnings of occassional WTF-upery and flying genfic, so hold on to yer hats.

In case you were curious about teh Demidevi:

1.) HATES ONE-LINE REVIEWS. With a burning fire more explosive than Scar's Arm o' Doom. If you're going to leave me a comment on my fics, then for the love of all gods, PLEASE say something other than "this was a cute/sad/funny story, I like it a lot" or "yay! more [insert multi-parter fic here]! plz update soon kthx" as I will more than likely hate you. ♥

2.) In case you didn't notice, I'm a pervert. If I like 'em, then they're boffing each other. End of story. If, for some ungodly reason you LOATHE porn and wish not to scald your virgin eyes, then stay the hell away from me. All my fics ARE complete with warning labels, but hey, a lot of jerks don't READ those, now do they? *glower*

3.) I might be an asshole, but it's only because you're stupid. So if you don't want me swooping down on you like the wrath of God, then don't be a flaming fucktard. Don't bash pairings, don't pick fights in my comment threads. Just be nice to me, and I'll be nice to you. END OF STORY.

4.) For all of my laxity and inabilities to update, I'm probably the FASTEST updating asshole here, so you'll have to live with my frequent spam. I usually post new fics about once a week. They're LONG fics, too - about 6,000 words apiece, as I CANNOT SHUT UP WHEN IT COMES TO FICCAGE, so, er, be forewarned? On most planes, what I write isn't safe for school/work, so don't whine to me if your teachers catching you reading that office!porn I wrote for "Multisensory Progression". It's your own fault.

5.) I'm loud and talk about myself too much. :) *HOGS USERINFO PAGE, HA*

6.) Obligatory Firebird reference! (You knew it was coming, Hope.) Um, I like "Firebird". A lot. Even if you read nothing else of mine on this ficblog, READ THAT PLZKTHX. ^___^

7.) Policy on flames: do it if you want. I may cry, depending if I'm on my period or not, I may wank back, or the other members of this blog may wank back. I may just laugh and ignore you. I don't know, because I'm not the Buddha. So, er, feel free to? But just know that when you leave a flame, God kills a kitten YOU'RE the one who comes off looking like an asshole, not me. ^___^

Anyway, enough about me! Onto these jerks! *loves on the Hope, the Stick, and the Maaya*

Stubbornest Asshole: Hope

Fandoms: Fullmetal Alchemist with a single-minded devotion. Occasionally, I'll venture into some other fandoms - Suikoden (mostly III), Final Fantasy, Firefly - but FMA has stuck its Lust-claws into my heart and has not let go.
Pairings: I'm the het writer that the UN stipulated must be included if the community is to keep its status as independent of Kyrgyzstan. My OTP, now and forever, is Roy/Riza, because he's hot and she's hot and they have the hots...for each other. I slash a bit more in other fandoms - in Suikoden, I'm embarrassingly fond of Yuber/Albert - but still, primarily het. I usually stick to one pairing, even when I lose interest in it, because it's my pairing, dammit, I have to write it, if I don't write it it's not mine, see? Hence the "stubbornest" bit of my title. If I branch out, it's probably going to be because of A.) a request or B.) the Totally Promiscuous FMA Pairing Generator.
Genres: Anything, really. The stuff is generally either overwhelming angst (see: Divine Comedy) or overwhelming comedy (see: Angst Half Off), but rarely anything in between (see: that clever thing I did with the titles back there. Did you catch that?). Fluff will occasionally occur, generally tempered with angst. Also, there's very little that isn't extremely short or extremely long. I do write a bit of porn, very poorly, but porn is pretty uncommon.

I'd really like it if you friended me! Not that you even necessarily have to read my journal. I just want to get more friends that that whore Demi. But seriously, folks; if you ever want to get a general picture of the life of a pampered upper-middle class white girl going to an east-coast private liberal arts college who nevertheless has dire dire aaaaangst, this journal's for you. =D

1.) I'll take any feedback. Constructive criticism is absolute love, but I'll also enjoy a simple "I'm not even worthy of knowing you, Hope, so brilliant are you." As a matter of fact, if all comments could be prefaced by that statement, I'd be very grateful.

2.) My school lurrrrrves the homework (fuck you, Russian language!), so there may be periods when I go silent. If this happens and you're waiting for something from me, give me a few days, then send me a quick verbal kick to the ass.

3.) I'm always willing to do stuff. I generally tend to be a pretty good beta, so any time you want, give me a bit of warning then send a fic along. Any time you have a request, drop me a comment or an e-mail.

4.) Did you know that "forty" in Russian is the same as the word for "crow"? True story.

5.) Mine is also stuff to avoid if you're not so keen on feeble attempts at poetic prose. I lurves me some feeble attempts at poetic prose.

6.) If you leave a comment, often as not, if you're willing, it'll turn into a very very long thread. Stick and Demi can attest to this.

And that's about it.

Laziest Asshole: Maaya

Fandoms: Fullmetal Alchemist, Hunter x Hunter, One Piece, Rurouni Kenshin, Kyou Kara Maou, Prince of Tennis, Gundam Seed, Gundam Wing, CLAMP and pretty much anything else I feel like at the moment.
Pairings: Gen, yaoi, yuri, het.
Genres: Anything, but sap and gen especially. Drabbles and ficlets, slices-of-life. I like present tense and fail at plot.

If you are interested in my fics pre-this community, go here. I also have a fanwork recs community, citrous_tea, where I will ramble myself in circles and express my utmost love of various things.

I guess I'll just join the others and list some things about policies, useful things to know and whatnot. Nothing big.

1) I'm from Sweden so my English is a bit wonky at times. Sometimes I use betas, sometimes I don't. If you see something incorrect, don't hesitate to tell me.
2) Like everybody else, I love feedback. Constructive or flattering, I just want attention. :)
3) I like people who let me chew on their toes.
4) One of these is a lie. GUESS WHICH.

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